Starting Description Edit

Name: Ayneris
Race: Elf 
Gender: female
Age: teen
Appearance: cute (65)
Hair: blond
Eyes: blue
Ears: Pointed
Skin: fair
Height: average
Boobs: perky
Butt: pert
Pussy: normal
Penis: None

Quest Line Edit

  • While moving through the Amber Road you will randomly encounter a group of armed elves who will insist on fighting you usually 3 Elf Warriors and an Elf Leader
  • Beat them and punish the leader who is called Ayneris
  • explore amber road again and you'll encounter an even larger party consisting of 7 Elf Warriors and an Elf Leader
  • Beat them again and Punish Ayneris
  • Go to the Market in Amberguard the next day and she will blackmail you into letting her join your household.