Starting Description Edit

Name: Cali
Race: Halfkin Wolf
Gender: female
Age: child (teen, if childlike characters disabled)
Appearance: cute (55)
Hair: gray
Eyes: blue
Skin: fair
Height: short
Boobs: flat
Butt: small
Pussy: Virgin
Penis: None

Quest Line Edit

  • Cali can be found in the market district after becoming a Journeyman in the Mage's Guild. Check the commotion and intervene as a guild member
  • Take her away for punishment (free) then talk to her,
    • Offer her help getting home.
  • Return to the mansion and speak to her.
  • Go to the red lantern district, visit the local bar, and pay 500 gold for the information.
  • Leave town and go to Shaliq village. Upon entering you will find that a girl called Tia has gone missing and her grandfather is looking for her.
  • Go back to the forest and fight a group of bandits in the forest. They will tell you about a camp in the forest that you will also have to clear out (if you have the spell Dominate it makes the upcoming fight a lot easier). you will find Tia who you can return to the village or kidnap (if you have entrance you can seduce her) either way return to the village for a reward and the next part of the quest
    • Refusing a reward will get you a free Communal Room upgrade instead
  • Return to Cali and talk to her. She will ask to come with you, you can decline her offer but will probably be in for another big fight. If you decide to take her, add her to your battle group and leave Wimborn. Visit the slavers camp, and decline to sell Cali. Defeat the lone bandit and he will tell you that he found Cali near the Eerie Grove so head there next and find Cali's village.
  • Finally ask if Cali can continue working with you and you will have successfully recruited her.

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