NPC Edit

Alise Edit

Alise is an orange haired Half-kin fox that acts as your guide.

Sebastian Edit

A man of many connections. Involved in several guild quests, but continues being useful afterwords by allowing you to order specific species of slaves. His services come at a hefty price though. Presumably human.

Adya Edit

A dark elf woman who you encounter as part of the main quest in Gorn. Adya is an alchemist and opens up more options for potions and buying essence. She has a beastkin bunny boy assistant

Recruit-able NPC Edit

Emily Hale Edit

A plain looking human orphan, she can be found begging in the Red Light District at the beginning of the game. If you give her food, she will join you. Her quest begins a week after she joins you and is shared with her sister.

Tisha Hale Edit

A human adult, the older sister of Emily. Left the orphanage her sister lives at for better living, although this leaves her with little time to spend with Emily. It's implied that she either sleeps with her bosses or is (at least) a part time prostitute. You'll encounter her progressing through Emily's quests.

Chloe Edit

A gnome scientist and researcher who lives in Shaliq Village. Her quest starts in the forest and requires the sedation spell.

Yris Edit

Yris is a female Beastkin cat who can be found in in the tavern in Gorn. Following her quest line will allow you to recruit her.

Cali Nual Edit

A half-kin wolf girl who became stranded in Wimborn after escaping from slavers. Obtainable through an event in the market after you become a Journeyman.

Tia Edit

A pretty human woman who has a grandfather in Shaliq Village. She is encountered as part of Cali's quest.

Ayneris Edit

Is a female elven noble that can be encountered patrolling Amber Road.

Irvan Edit

Possibly acquired as part of the main quest depending on choices, Irvan is a dark elf. If you follow the path to recruit him, he will be gender swapped and you will be able to rename him.

Maple Edit

Maple is a fairy who is employed at the Wimborn Slavers guild. Can be recruited during the "The next step" quest line.

Zoe Edit

Zoe is a female Beastkin Wolf that may be encountered as part of the main quest in Frostford if your reputation there is high enough.

Melissa Edit

Once you've joined the mages guild, she's your primary sponsor, and responsible for your advancement. A former slave, and older than she appears. Appears to be human.