Starting Description Edit

Name: Chloe
Race: Gnome
Gender: female
Age: adult
Appearance: cute (60)
Hair: red
Eyes: green
Skin: fair
Height: extremely small
Boobs: perky
Butt: plump
Pussy: normal
Penis: None

Quest Line Edit

  • You will meet Chloe wandering in the Ancient Forest. By using the spell Sedation you can catch her and help her return to Shaliq Village.
  • You can now travel to her house.
  • When you become a journeyman in the Mage Order you can return to her house and pay 25 mana to learn the Entrance spell.
  • The next step requires you to be an Adept with the Mage Order. Go back to Shaliq Village and visit her house to find she's been missing for a while, so go look for her in the Eerie Grove
  • When you find her calm her down however you need to, then go back to her house she'll ask you to make a potion for her (nothing required by default)
  • You have the option to alter the potion:
    • If you do not modify the potion, she will reward you with the Domination spell
    • If you add a stimulant you can either sell Chloe to a brothel or she comes or get her as a sex crazed slave. You do not learn the Domination spell. Doing this also raises her appearance to 90.
    • If you add an Amnesia draft then she will be bought back with you as a slave. You do not learn the Domination spell
  • After you have completed the Gorn part of the main quest return to Chloe's house in Shaliq Village and she will offer to join your household.

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