Many equipable items in the game can spawn with rare enchantments that make them even more useful. Commonly obtained by opening the chests found in more challenging locales, but also rarely dropped by defeated enemies.

Most of these added effects range in strength.

Each enchantment can only appear on certain categories of equipment. Weapon, Armor, Accessory and Costume.

Weapon enchantments Edit

Damage: Edit

  • Increases weapon damage by 2-3 in combat

Speed Edit

  • Increases speed by 3-5 in combat

Armor enchantments Edit

Armor-bonus Edit

  • Increases armor rating by 2-4 in combat

Health Edit

  • Grants 15-25 to max hp while equipped

Energy Edit

  • Grants 10-20 to max energy while equipped

Armor & Accessory enchantments Edit

(Can be on either type and stack if both are equipped)

Strength Edit

  • Raises strength by 1 while equipped

Agility Edit

  • Raises agility by 1 while equipped

Magic-affinity Edit

  • Raises Mag affinity by 1 while equipped

Endurance Edit

  • Raises endurance by 1 while equipped

Accessory enchantments Edit

Fear Edit

  • Adds 3-6 fear at the end of the day

Obedience Edit

  • Increases obedience gains by 5-15% while equipped

Costume enchantments Edit

Courage Edit

  • Increases courage by 10-20 while equipped

Confidence Edit

  • Increases confidence by 10-20 while equipped

Wit Edit

  • Increases wit by 10-20 while equipped

Charm Edit

  • Increases charm by 10-20 while equipped

Beauty Edit

  • Increases beauty by 5-15 while equipped

Fear Edit

  • Adds 5-8 fear at the end of the day

Stress Edit

  • Removes 5-8 stress at the end of the day

Obedience Edit

  • Increases obedience gains by 15-30% while equipped