Current list of Visit-able locations

Wimborn Edit

Town Edit

  • Mages Order
  • Slaver Guild
  • Market District
    • Market
    • Carpenter
    • Sebastian
  • Red lantern district
    • Brothel

Outskirts Edit

  • Outskirts
  • Forest
    • Shaliq Village
      • Dolin's House
      • Shaliq Market
  • Deep Elven Grove
  • Far Eerie Woods

Gorn Edit

Town Edit

  • Slave Guild
  • Palace (quest)
  • Gorn's Market
  • Gorn's Alchemist (unlocked through quest)

Outskirts Edit

  • Outskirts
  • Mountain Ridge
  • Sea Beach

Frostford Edit

Town Edit

  • Slave Guild
  • Frostford's Market

Outskirts Edit

  • Outskirts
  • Marsh

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