Trainable Traits Edit

Bisexual Edit

  • Description: NAME is open to having affairs with people of the same sex.  Same-sex encounters are easier to accept.
  • Effect: Same-sex encounters are easier to accept.
  • Actual Effect: No stress is generated by sexual actions with others of the same gender.
  • How to learn: Chance to learn when a slave orgasms on sexual actions with someone of the same gender.

Devoted Edit

  • Description: NAME trusts you to a great degree.  His/Her willingness to follow you caused him/her to find new strengths in his/her character.
  • Effect: +25 base Courage and wit, Loyalty can't drop below 80.
  • Actual Effect:
  • How to Learn: Chance of the pliable trait evolving into this if the character has high affection and a low number of sexual unlocks at the end of the day.

Deviant Edit

  • Description: NAME has a flavor for very unusual sexual practices.  A cat is fine too.
  • Effect: Degrading sexual actions have no penalty.
  • Actual Effect:
  • How to Learn: Chance to learn if a slave orgasms from a degrading sexual act.

Likes it Rough Edit

  • Description: NAME secretly enjoys being treated badly and taken by force.
  • Effect: Rape actions cause no loyalty and obedience reduction.
  • Actual Effect: Forced sexual actions cause no loyalty and obedience reduction. Forcing first time unlock of sexual actions will still cause normal penalties
  • How to Learn: Chance to learn slave orgasms during forced sexual actions.

Masochist Edit

  • Description: NAME enjoys pain far more than he/she should. - Physical punishments penalty lowered, punishments cause lust to grow.
  • Effect: Physical punishments penalty lowered, physical punishments cause lust to grow.
  • Actual Effect:
  • How to Learn: Chance to learn if a slave orgasms while being punished (high lust).

Pervert Edit

  • Description: NAME has a pretty broad definition of stuff he/she finds enjoyable.
  • Effect: Sexual actions are easier to unlock.  Fetishist actions have no penalty.
  • Actual Effect:
  • How to Learn: Chance to learn if a slave orgasms from a fetishist action.

Slutty Edit

  • Description: Your influence over NAME caused him/her to accept to accept sex in many forms and enjoy his/her body to the fullest.
  • Effect: +25 base Confidence and charm, removes penalty from many sexual actions, Loyalty can't drop below 80.
  • Actual Effect:
  • How to Learn: Chance of the pliable trait evolving into this if the character has a high number of sexual unlocks and affection too low for Devoted. Can upgrade while the slave is jailed.

Birth Traits Edit

Clever Edit

  • Description: NAME is more prone to creative thinking than an average person, which makers him/her both resourceful and disobedient.
  • Effect: +Wit, +Confidence, -Obedience.
  • Actual Effect: No effect

Clingy Edit

  • Description: NAME gets easily attached to people.  However this behavior rarely met with acceptance, which in turn annoys him/her.
  • Effect: Loyalty grows faster from actions, Obedience drops quickly if constantly ignored.
  • Actual Effect: Loyalty growth needs confirmation, obedience does not drop from being ignored

Clumsy Edit

  • Description: NAME is not very flexible and rarely aware of his/her surroundings, often leading to unfortunate incidents.
  • Effect: Physical tasks suffer penalty.
  • Actual Effect:

Coward Edit

  • Description: NAME is of a meek character and has a difficult time handling himself/herself in physical confrontations.
  • Effect: Physical punishments build obedience quicker, -max courage, stress in combat grows twice as fast.
  • Actual Effect: -35 max courage, stress currently does not affect combat. Obedience gain needs to be confirmed

Crippled Edit

  • Description:
  • Effect:
  • Actual Effect: -3 max strength, -3 max agility. This can lead to negative strength on fairies

Dominant Edit

  • Description: NAME really prefers to be in control, instead of being controlled.
  • Effect: Obedience growth decreased. +Confidence.
  • Actual Effect:

Foul Mouth Edit

  • Description: All too often, NAME uses words more suited for construction workers and sailors.
  • Effect: Vocal occupations less effective, - 25 max. Charm
  • Actual Effect: Effect on occupations needs to be confirmed, charm unaffected


  • Description: NAME's body is much less durable than most. His/her physical potential is severely impaired.
  • Effect: Max Strength -3, Max Agility -3, Max Conf -25
  • Actual Effect: Max Strength -3, Max Agility -3, Max Conf -25

Monogamous Edit

  • Description: NAME does not favor random encounters and believes in one true partner for life.
  • Effect: Refuses to work as prostitute, loyalty builds faster from sex with master.  Sleeping with other partners is more stressful.
  • Actual Effect: Does not affect available jobs, Loyalty growth needs to be confirmed, Swing actions do not produce stress

Mute Edit

  • Description: NAME can't speak in a normal way and only uses signs and moans to communicate.
  • Effect: Obedience growth increased.  Can't work at occupations requiring speech.
  • Actual Effect: Obedience growth needs to be confirmed, cannot work as Public Entertainer, Mage Order Assistant, Escort, or Guardian

Passive Edit

  • Description: NAME prefers to go with the flow and barely tries to proactively affect his/her surroundings.
  • Effect: Can't take management related jobs, daily obedience growth increased.
  • Actual Effect: Able to perform management jobs, daily obedience growth needs to be confirmed

Pliable Edit

  • Description: NAME is still naive and can be swayed one way or another...
  • Effect: Has room for changes and growth.
  • Actual Effect: Chance of evolving into other traits if the day ends depending on stats. Confirmed changes: Slutty, Devoted

Pretty voice Edit

  • Description: NAME's voice is downright charming, making surrounding people just want to hear more of it.
  • Effect: Vocal occupations more effective, +Charm
  • Actual Effect: no change to charm, effect on ccupations need to be confirmed

Scarred Edit

  • Description: NAME's body is covered in massive burn scars.  Besides terrific looks, he/she also suffers from low confidence.
  • Effect: -30 base Beauty, - 30 Confidence
  • Actual Effect: Initial beauty penalty. Initial beauty can be negative because of this. Exact beauty penalty needs to be checked

Submissive Edit

  • Description: NAME is very comfortable when having someone he/she can rely on.
  • Effect: Obedience growsth increased.  No penalty for rape actions as long as loyalty is above average. -Max Confidence.
  • Actual Effect: -5 max confidence, the rest is unconfirmed

Wild Only Traits Edit

Uncivilized Edit

  • Description: NAME has spend most of his/her lifetime in the wilds barely interacting with modern society and acting more like an animal.  As a result, he/she can't realistically fit into common groups and be accepted there.
  • Effect: Social jobs disabled; Max loyaltyu ---; Max Obedience -; Max Wit --.
  • Actual Effect: -30 to max obedience, -65 to max loyalty, -25 max wit. No jobs are disabled as of 4.41d
  • How to remove: Either via Tamer specialization, or Elixer of Regression
  • Wild races: Lamia, Fairy, Harpy, Dryad, Neriad, Arachne, Scylla

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