Trainable Traits Edit

Bisexual Edit

  • Description: NAME is open to having affairs with people of the same sex.  Same-sex encounters are easier to accept.
  • Effect: Same-sex encounters are easier to accept.
  • Actual Effect: No stress is generated by sexual actions with others of the same gender.
  • How to learn: Chance to learn when a slave orgasms on sexual actions with someone of the same gender.

Devoted Edit

  • Description: NAME trusts you to a great degree.  His/Her willingness to follow you caused him/her to find new strengths in his/her character.
  • Effect: +25 base Courage and wit, Loyalty can't drop below 80.
  • Actual Effect:
  • How to Learn: Chance of the pliable trait evolving into this if the character has high affection and a low number of sexual unlocks at the end of the day.

Deviant Edit

  • Description: NAME has a flavor for very unusual sexual practices.  A cat is fine too.
  • Effect: Degrading sexual actions have no penalty.
  • Actual Effect:
  • How to Learn: Chance to learn if a slave orgasms from a degrading sexual act.

Likes it Rough Edit

  • Description: NAME secretly enjoys being treated badly and taken by force.
  • Effect: Rape actions cause no loyalty and obedience reduction.
  • Actual Effect: Forced sexual actions cause no loyalty and obedience reduction. Forcing first time unlock of sexual actions will still cause normal penalties
  • How to Learn: Chance to learn slave orgasms during forced sexual actions.

Masochist Edit

  • Description: NAME enjoys pain far more than he/she should. - Physical punishments penalty lowered, punishments cause lust to grow.
  • Effect: Physical punishments penalty lowered, physical punishments cause lust to grow.
  • Actual Effect:
  • How to Learn: Chance to learn if a slave orgasms while being punished (high lust).

Pervert Edit

  • Description: NAME has a pretty broad definition of stuff he/she finds enjoyable.
  • Effect: Sexual actions are easier to unlock.  Fetishist actions have no penalty.
  • Actual Effect:
  • How to Learn: Chance to learn if a slave orgasms from a fetishist action.

Regressed Edit

  • Description: Due to some circumstances, NAME's mind reversed to an infantile state. He/She's barely capable of normal tasks, but he/she's a lot more responsive to social training.
  • Effect: Social jobs disabled.
  • Actual Effect: Disables all town based jobs except Lumberer, Fucktoy and Research Subject. Replaces the Uncivilized trait. Unlocks the Nurture 'service for slaves' (which removes this trait) in guild.
  • How to learn: Use an Elixir of Regression on said slave.

Sex-crazed Edit

  • Description: NAME can barely keep his/her mind off dirty stuff. His/her perpetual excitement makes him/her look and enjoy nearly everything at the cost of his/her sanity.
  • Effect: Min lust++; Max wit -45; Max confidence -25; no penalty from any sexual activity and brothel assignment.
  • Actual Effect:
  • How to Learn: In the customization menu activate "No masturbation" under the advanced rules (requires advanced brand). They will gain the trait after a few days at max lust.

Slutty Edit

  • Description: Your influence over NAME caused him/her to accept to accept sex in many forms and enjoy his/her body to the fullest.
  • Effect: +25 base Confidence and charm, removes penalty from many sexual actions, Loyalty can't drop below 80.
  • Actual Effect:
  • How to Learn: Chance of the pliable trait evolving into this if the character has a high number of sexual unlocks and affection too low for Devoted. Can upgrade while the slave is jailed.

Birth Traits Edit

Clever Edit

  • Description: NAME is more prone to creative thinking than an average person, which makes him/her both resourceful and disobedient.
  • Effect: +Wit, +Confidence, -Obedience.
  • Actual Effect: No effect

Clingy Edit

  • Description: NAME gets easily attached to people. However, this behaviour rarely met with acceptance, which in turn annoys him/her.
  • Effect: Loyalty grows faster from actions, Obedience drops quickly if constantly ignored.
  • Actual Effect: Loyalty growth needs confirmation, obedience does not drop from being ignored

Clumsy Edit

  • Description: NAME is not very flexible and rarely aware of his/her surroundings, often leading to unfortunate incidents.
  • Effect: Physical tasks suffer penalty.
  • Actual Effect:

Coward Edit

  • Description: NAME is of a meek character and has a difficult time handling himself/herself in physical confrontations.
  • Effect: Physical punishments build obedience quicker, -max courage, stress in combat grows twice as fast.
  • Actual Effect: -35 max courage, stress currently does not affect combat. Obedience gain needs to be confirmed

Crippled Edit

  • Description:
  • Effect:
  • Actual Effect: -3 max strength, -3 max agility. This can lead to negative strength on fairies

Dominant Edit

  • Description: NAME really prefers to be in control, instead of being controlled.
  • Effect: Obedience growth decreased. +Confidence.
  • Actual Effect:

Foul Mouth Edit

  • Description: All too often, NAME uses words more suited for construction workers and sailors.
  • Effect: Vocal occupations less effective, - 25 max. Charm
  • Actual Effect: Effect on occupations needs to be confirmed, charm unaffected


  • Description: NAME's body is much less durable than most. His/her physical potential is severely impaired.
  • Effect: Max Strength -3, Max Agility -3, Max Conf -25
  • Actual Effect: Max Strength -3, Max Agility -3, Max Conf -25

Monogamous Edit

  • Description: NAME does not favor random encounters and believes in one true partner for life.
  • Effect: Refuses to work as prostitute, loyalty builds faster from sex with master. Sleeping with other partners is more stressful.
  • Actual Effect: Does not affect available jobs, Loyalty growth needs to be confirmed, Swing actions do not produce stress

Mute Edit

  • Description: NAME can't speak in a normal way and only uses signs and moans to communicate.
  • Effect: Obedience growth increased.  Can't work at occupations requiring speech.
  • Actual Effect: Obedience growth needs to be confirmed, cannot work as Public Entertainer, Mage Order Assistant, Escort, or Guardian. Cannot speak to them about their potential, which means no leveling up.

Passive Edit

  • Description: NAME prefers to go with the flow and barely tries to proactively affect his/her surroundings.
  • Effect: Can't take management related jobs, daily obedience growth increased.
  • Actual Effect: Able to perform management jobs, daily obedience growth needs to be confirmed

Pliable Edit

  • Description: NAME is still naive and can be swayed one way or another...
  • Effect: Has room for changes and growth.
  • Actual Effect: Chance of evolving into other traits if the day ends depending on stats. Confirmed changes: Slutty, Devoted

Pretty voice Edit

  • Description: NAME's voice is downright charming, making surrounding people just want to hear more of it.
  • Effect: Vocal occupations more effective, +Charm
  • Actual Effect: no change to charm, effect on occupations need to be confirmed

Scarred Edit

  • Description: NAME's body is covered in massive burn scars.  Besides terrific looks, he/she also suffers from low confidence.
  • Effect: -30 base Beauty, - 30 Confidence
  • Actual Effect: Initial beauty penalty. Initial beauty can be negative because of this. Exact beauty penalty needs to be checked

Submissive Edit

  • Description: NAME is very comfortable when having someone he/she can rely on.
  • Effect: Obedience growth increased.  No penalty for rape actions as long as loyalty is above average. -Max Confidence.
  • Actual Effect: -5 max confidence, the rest is unconfirmed

Wild Only Traits Edit

Uncivilized Edit

  • Description: NAME has spent most of his/her lifetime in the wilds barely interacting with modern society and acting more like an animal.  As a result, he/she can't realistically fit into common groups and be accepted there.
  • Effect: Social jobs disabled; Max loyalty ---; Max Obedience -; Max Wit --.
  • Actual Effect: -30 to max obedience, -65 to max loyalty, -25 max wit. No jobs are disabled as of 4.41d
  • How to remove: Either via Tamer specialization, or Elixer of Regression
  • Wild races: Lamia, Fairy, Harpy, Dryad, Neriad, Arachne, Scylla

Unsorted Traits* Edit

These are traits that it is unknown whether they can be trained and if so how.

Ascetic Edit

  • Description: NAME cares little about luxury around him/her.
  • Effect: Luxury demands are lowered.
  • Actual Effect: Unknown