Starting Description Edit

Name: Yris
Race: Beastkin cat 
Gender: female
Age: teen
Appearance: pretty (72)
Hair: blond
Eyes: blue
Ears: Medium-sized animal-like
Skin: fair
Fur: Orange and white pattern
Height: normal
Boobs: big
Butt: pert
Additional nipples: 3 additional pairs, rudimentary
Pussy: normal
Penis: None

Quest Line Edit

  • You'll find Yris in the local bar in Gorn. She will make a bet with you for 200 gold that she can make you cum by whatever means she wants in 5 minutes. Accept, but it'll cost ya.
  • Now go and get a Deterrent potion and another 200 gold, then come back and give it another go. It'll cost you the potion, but at least you'll keep your money this time
  • For the third attempt you'll need to have unlocked Adya as part of the main quest (Gorn arc) 
  • Talk to Adya, then return to Yris with 1000 gold in tow. Accept the bet, then then reveal that you know everything
  • Finally offer Yris to work for you and you have a new kitty cat to play with.

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