Starting Description Edit

Name: Zoe
Race: Beastkin Wolf 
Gender: female
Age: teen
Appearance: average (45)
Hair: brown
Eyes: red
Skin: fair
Height: normal
Boobs: perky
Butt: pert
Pussy: Virgin
Penis: None

Quest Line Edit

During your main quest you will be required to travel to Frostford. If your reputation is great you will encounter upon entering the hall.

The next exploration of the Frostford Outskirts will give some flavor dialogue, and upon returning to the Clearing, Zoe will engage in diplomacy with the dryad. She'll ask you to retrieve her bag and some ingredients, which amounts to 500 food, 15 nature essences, and 5 fluid substances. NOTE: This requires food storage upgrades, and like most collection quests in the game, the essences must be in your main storage, and will not be counted in your backpack.

Upon returning to the clearing with the supplies, Zoe will leave to do some research, and you will be set upon by 10-15 mercenaries. Even in defeat, one of them manages to fire a large poisoned/cursed crossbow bolt at the dryad, however Zoe will dive and take the bolt instead, saving the dryad but dooming herself.

However, all hope is not lost, the dryad will describe a process where she can save Zoe, but the process requires a massive amount of life energy, in the form of a sacrifice of one of your party members. You must choose between sacrificing your party member or letting Zoe die.

(That being said, my party member managed to pull through, though I don't know if that's a guarantee)

Return to Frostford to find that the town will survive and so will the dryad, but Theron "punishes" Zoe by exiling her from the village. At this point you may welcome her into your home and gain a cute new wolf-girl with the "Mentor" trait.